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The deep web, invisible web, or hidden web are parts of the World Wide Web whose contents are not indexed by standard search engines for any reason. The opposite term to the deep web is the surface web.

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The deep web includes many very common uses such as webmail, online banking but also paid for services with a paywall such as a video on demand, and much more. Computer scientist Mike Bergman is credited with coining the term deep web in 2000 as a search indexing term.


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Introduction – What is Deep Web:

Deep web or Dark web which has the vast collection of anonymous websites that are present on the internet which isn’t accessible by the web.Many have a belief that they contain information that is very much dangerous shaking the entire world down.According to a recent survey conducted by a major Web security company, The Deep Web is growing at an alarming rate and the surface web only a mere fraction of the actual websites present on the internet.

Security Measures if you do not protect yourself while accessing deep web then unauthorized entry to your personal information is possible. Do take a look at how to protect yourself with a VPN.

Deep Web Links

Deep Web

For Several Security reason, the Deep Web can’t be accessed on your Normal Web Browsers.There is a Special Browser called are Tor.It sets up a VPN which makes you anonymous to access the deep web using TorThe Deep Dark Web is growing at a very faster rate on Drugs, Illegal activities, contract killers, Dark Marketplaces, Hitman etc.,

Categorized Deep Web Links 2017:

For accessing Deep Web, one must primarily install tor browser.

If you haven’t done that process, proceed to the following link and the proceed ahead.

How to access Deep Web Using TorLink 

Search Engines and Wiki’s:

  • DuckDuckGo Search Engine: http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/
  • TORCH ’96 Tor Search Engine: http://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion/
  • Uncensored Hidden Wiki: http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
  • Onion URL Repository: http://32rfckwuorlf4dlv.onion/
  • Dark Nexus: http://e266al32vpuorbyg.onion/bookmarks.php
  • Seeks Search: http://5plvrsgydwy2sgce.onion/
  • Gateway to Freenet: http://2vlqpcqpjlhmd5r2.onion/
  • Is It Up?: http://nlmymchrmnlmbnii.onion/
  • ParaZite: http://kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.onion/links.html
  • Onion Wiki: http://wiki5kauuihowqi5.onion/
  • TOR Wiki: http://torwikignoueupfm.onion/index.php?title=Main_Page
  • The Hidden Wiki: http://kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion
  • Tor Project: Anonymity Online: http://idnxcnkne4qt76tg.onion/
  • TorLinks: http://torlinkbgs6aabns.onion/
  • Hidden Wiki .Onion Urls: http://jh32yv5zgayyyts3.onion/
  • Hidden Wiki ’96 Tor Wiki: http://wikitjerrta4qgz4.onion/
  • Anonet Webproxy: http://xdagknwjc7aaytzh.onion/
  • All You’92re Base: http://3fyb44wdhnd2ghhl.onion/
  • TorProject Archive: http://j6im4v42ur6dpic3.onion/
  • TorProject Media: http://p3igkncehackjtib.onion/
  • Tor Search: http://kbhpodhnfxl3clb4.onion
  • Cipolla 2.0 [Italian]: http://cipollatnumrrahd.onion/
  • Evil Wiki: http://wvk32thojln4gpp4.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
  • Torle Search: http://torleruteqdqqqqa.onion/
  • TorDir: http://dppmfxaacucguzpc.onion/
  • Hidden wiki http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
  • Uncensored Hidden Wiki – http://uhwikih256ynt57t.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
  • Tor, Duck Duck Go, and The Hidden Wiki -http://j3capgi3drf52m3i.onion/
  • Onion search engine: http://ndj6p3asftxboa7j.onion/

Finance and Markets:

  • TorBroker: http://torbrokerge7zxgq.onion/
  • Bitcoin Fog: http://fogcore5n3ov3tui.onion/
  • Easy escrow service: http://samsgdtwz6hvjyu4.onion
  • EasyCoin: http://easycoinsayj7p5l.onion/
  • WeBuyBitcoins: http://jzn5w5pac26sqef4.onion/
  • OnionWallet: http://ow24et3tetp6tvmk.onion/
  • Western Union Exploit: http://qc7ilonwpv77qibm.onion/
  • ccPal Store: http://3dbr5t4pygahedms.onion/
  • High Quality Euro Replicas: http://y3fpieiezy2sin4a.onion/
  • Counterfeit USD: http://qkj4drtgvpm7eecl.onion/
  • Apple Electronics http://applesavbbloawcm.onion/
  • High Quality Tutorials: http://lw4ipk5choakk5ze.onion/raw/4588/
  • Counterfeit USD/EUR: http://usjudr3c6ez6tesi.onion/
  • PayPal and credit: http://tgssx32xnahbto7b.onion/
  • Assassination Service: http://cthulhuuap7ch47k.onion
  • The Bitcoin Laundry: http://rxbnonlo56vhmkk2.onion/
  • TGM: http://zzq7gpluliw6iq7l.onion/threadlist.php?
  • Tor Market Board: http://6w6vcynl6dumn67c.onion/
  • Project Evil: http://wvk32thojln4gpp4.onion/
  • Discounted electronics goods: http://5mvm7cg6bgklfjtp.onion/
  • Hitman Service: http://lw4ipk5choakk5ze.onion/raw/evbLewgkDSVkifzv8zAo/
  • TOR Girls: http://nr6juudpp4as4gjg.onion/torgirls.html
  • UK Guns and Ammo: http://tuu66yxvrnn3of7l.onion/
  • Used Tor Guns: http://nr6juudpp4as4gjg.onion/torguns.htm
  • Amazon Business: http://ucx7bkbi2dtia36r.onion/
  • Tor Technology: http://nr6juudpp4as4gjg.onion/tor.html
  • Hidden BetCoin: http://hbetshipq5yhhrsd.onion/
  • CStore Carded Store: http://cstoreav7i44h2lr.onion/
  • Carded Store: http://e2qizoerj4d6ldif.onion/
  • Data-Bay: http://jvrnuue4bvbftiby.onion/
  • Hackintosh: http://bgkitnugq5ef2cpi.onion/
  • EuroArms: http://vlp4uw5ui22ljlg7.onion/
  • Advantage Products: http://b4vqxw2j36wf2bqa.onion/
  • Hitman Network: http://ybp4oezfhk24hxmb.onion/
  • Marianic Technology Services: http://mts7hqqqeogujc5e.onion/
  • Mobile Store: http://mobil7rab6nuf7vx.onion/
  • MSR Shop: http://54flq67kqr5wvjqf.onion/
  • Old Man Fixer’92s Fixing Services: http://yth5q7zdmqlycbcz.onion/
  • PC Shop: Link
  • Samsung Store: http://storegsq3o5mfxiz.onion/
  • Sheep Marketplace: http://sheep5u64fi457aw.onion/
  • Tor BetCoin: http://nr6juudpp4as4gjg.onion/betcoin.htm
  • Tor Web Developer: http://qizriixqwmeq4p5b.onion/
  • UK Passports: http://vfqnd6mieccqyiit.onion/
  • US Fake ID Store: http://en35tuzqmn4lofbk.onion/
  • USA Citizenship: http://xfnwyig7olypdq5r.onion/
  • iLike Help Guy: http://uybu3melulmoljnd.onion/
  • Network Consulting and Software Development: http://dbmv53j45pcv534x.onion/
  • Quick Solution (Hitman): http://lw4ipk5choakk5ze.onion/raw/4585/
  • Tyner MSR Store: http://nr6juudpp4as4gjg.onion/tynermsr.htm
  • Onion Identity Services: http://abbujjh5vqtq77wg.onion/
  • EuroGuns: http://2kka4f23pcxgqkpv.onion/
  • Buy cheap iPhones: http://xyt4inlajwmn3gfb.onion/
  • Android Store: http://oh2s6ywmaxtgcj25.onion/store.html
  • Cheap Stolen Android Phones: http://3pkm74bnuxdbaxlr.onion
  • Cheap Giftcards http://steam7qrjknfhmf6.onion/


  • Image Uploader: http://matrixtxri745dfw.onion/
  • PasteThis [Tor based Pastebin]: http://lw4ipk5choakk5ze.onion/
  • Gittor: http://wzrtr6gpencksu3d.onion:8080/
  • Free Hosting: http://nr6juudpp4as4gjg.onion/
  • Liberty’92s Hackers Hosting Service: http://tklxxs3rdzdjppnl.onion/
  • Matrix Trilogy: http://matrixtxri745dfw.onion/
  • Osiris Storage: http://tk4chjqopurvzmiu.onion/
  • TorShops: http://shopsat2dotfotbs.onion/

Top Blogs:

  • Beneath VT ’96 Exploring Virginia Tech’92s Steam Tunnels and Beyond: http://74ypjqjwf6oejmax.onion/
  • Deep Web Radio: http://76qugh5bey5gum7l.onion/
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica: http://edramalpl7oq5npk.onion/Main_Page
  • Hushbox: http://ih4pgsz3aepacbwl.onion/
  • Dark Like My Soul: http://ad52wtwp2goynr3a.onion/#
  • FreeFor: http://tns7i5gucaaussz4.onion/
  • Scientology Archive: http://gdkez5whqhpthb4d.onion/
  • All the Latest News for Tor: http://newsiiwanaduqpre.onion/
  • Michael Blizek: http://5vppavyzjkfs45r4.onion/
  • AYPSELA News: http://7ueo7ahq2xlpwx7q.onion/
  • Blog About Stories: http://7hk64iz2vn2ewi7h.onion/
  • Mike Tigas: http://tigas3l7uusztiqu.onion/
  • Sam Whited: http://mpf3i4k43xc2usxj.onion/
  • An Open Letter to Revolutionaries: http://7w2rtz7rgfwj5zuv.onion/
  • Totse 2: http://3c3bdbvhb7j6yab2.onion/
  • Lucky Eddie’92s Home: http://4fvfamdpoulu2nms.onion/
  • Fravia’92s Web Searching Lore: http://nwycvryrozllb42g.onion/searchlores/index.htm
  • Italian Personal Blog: http://wfi2sm5thn4piicq.onion/myblog/
  • Artim’92s Little Onion world: http://socks3sjdk3xj2d4.onion/
  • OnionNews: http://newsiiwanaduqpre.onion/

Uncategorized Deep Web Links 2017:

Users those who have the willingness to explore and find can try these out. To minimize the work, we have separated the links based upon Alphabetical as well as Numerical order.

Deep Web Videos:

Some of the Deep Web Videos Collection are below.

  • How Dangerous Is The Deep Web? – View
  • Does The Government Control The Deep Web? – View 
  • What Is The Deep Web? – View
  • Top 10 Disturbing Discoveries On The Deep Web – View
  • Top 15 Disturbing Real Deep Web Sites – View


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