Earn Money from Bitcoin – Buy and Sell

Bitcoins Market Cap in 2014

There are several networks available worldwide for the currency transaction. I’m going to list out some specific systems that rolled out widely. They are as follows 1. Bitcoin 2. Ripple 3. Litecoin 4. Peercoin 5. Dogecoin 6. Nxt 7. Catcoin


Among all the market cap, Bitcoin was higher in 2014, and the remainings are following it. Next to it we have Ripple, Litecoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin, Nxt, Catcoin.



The value of Bitcoin is the bit higher in the year 2014 and followed by Litecoin. The comparison is on ten networks which show the top crypto-currencies categories among all by the market capitalization.

Secure Payment Method

  • At first, the transaction is entirely done via banks, but now we don’t use to be.
  • Bitcoin replaces them with an efficient way.
  • An easy way of paying and transacting bitcoin.


There are no extra details required to pay bills via online when using bitcoin network.

One bitcoin equals to 623.14 US Dollar


Start using Bitcoin. In existence, we have around 12,446,725 bitcoin. When the 21 millionth bitcoin were getting mined, the plates automatically self-destruct. Straightforward and easy for online payment transaction without any preferably via banks and it is an open source where there is no control over the individuals.