On Deep Web is the new way how teens are buying drugs

One of the biggest dangers facing our teens today is the prevalence of synthetic drugs on the streets. However, the drug scene has moved from the street to the computer screen.

The County of San Bernardino and the City of San Bernardino have made positive pushes in ending the sale of synthetic drugs by making it harder for people to sell and purchase these drugs at locations such as smoke shops or convenience stores.

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Many are not aware that one of the most common places youth can buy illicit drugs is online through various means.Buying drugs on Deep Web

One of these means is referred to as “dark” or deep web. There are a number of sites online in which synthetic drugs can be purchased and shipped to the buyer.

As a parent, it is important to keep up with the current online trends such as The Onion Router (TOR), the dark web browser, or a Virtual Private Network (VPN). To protect your identity and avoid personal information thefts.

With Internet access so easily available, this new trend means new dangers.

While parents may take the time to block and monitor their children’s internet use at home, there are a number of places teens can go to order substances online.

A friend’s phone or computer, a library or school computer are easy avenues for teens who know what they are doing.

Even if parents believe they have secured their browser, teens can find ways to get around them, ensuring they can order drugs from the comfort of their own home.

Also, many times when the orders are delivered, they come through standard USPS and can be mislabeled or hidden in other products. This is a great reason to double check any packages delivered to your home.

A safe way to protect you and your details is to hide yourself using a VPN or else hackers might even know the identity of you home.

Adding more to your parental toolkit is never a bad thing, so making sure you stay up to date on current trends can help keep your children safe.Know how to protect yourself. Be careful while using deep web.

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