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Ever wondered about accessing the deep web and its content?. Then here is the way to access deep web. One by install or download tor browser. Since the deep web is completely unindexed by the popular search engines like google or yahoo only a tor search engine like torch can crawl its spiders on the .onion links and index them. TORCH : Tor Search is very fast in indexing new content in the tor network within a day. Security Measures if you do not protect yourself while accessing deep web then unauthorized entry to your personal information is possible. Do take a look at how to protect yourself with a VPN.

Many users use TORCH Tor Search Engine deep web for searching the tor network and serves nearly 80000 requests daily. Currently, 434838 indexed onion pages are found in Torch.

Here is the 2016 August’s Statistics of Torch search volume.

TORCH Tor Search Engine

Source: Torch – Tor Search Engine

Own a .onion domain – Advertise on TORCH Tor Search Engine

DO you own a .onion domain? Want to spread that you offer a service like deep web hosting or any other kinds of stuff. Then you are in the right place. Tor runs an advertising network for its users all you got to do is the following.

Technical conditions

  • The file type of the SEARCH RESULTS PAGE banner will be JPG, GIF or PNG and size must be exactly width 120 px and height 60 px.
  • The file type of the FRONT PAGE banner will be JPG, GIF or PNG and size must be exactly width 468 px and height 60 px.
  • Animated GIFs are allowed.
  • Link will be a clean <a> HTML tag. No Javascript allowed.

Payment conditions

  • Payment method is Bitcoin (BTC) transfer.
  • 1-month prepayment before the ad is set on the web.
  • The ad will be published once the Bitcoin transaction is validated.
  • The minimum payment period is one month and the maximum is 6 months (see pricing table below).
  • The minimum number of ordered ads is 1 and the maximum is 3 (see pricing table below). They can be different Ads on every ordered ad space.
  • Renewal of the service will be notified to us by email 5 days before it expires.
  • Every Bitcoin payment will be done to a unique Bitcoin address which will be sent to you by email before the payment and it will not be used again.

Usage conditions for advertisers

  • No scam allowed.
  • Torch recommends using external and well-known escrow services to sell your products or services.
  • Before publishing is required that advertisers must give a plausible proof of their activity: tagged and time-stamped photographs of their products, tagged and time-stamped screen photos, customer’s feedback with photographs, etc.
  • Torch does not have any responsibility if a scam takes place.
  • Torch does not refund scammed buyers.
  • If the scam is reported to Torch, the supposed scamming advertiser will be contacted. If no response is given, the advertisement will be retired preventively while Torch waits for an answer.
  • Torch does not mediate any transaction between vendor and buyer.
  • If the scam is proved, the scamming advertisement is retired and the advertiser won’t be able to make business in Torch again. No refunds to vendor/buyers will be made.
  • Advertisers must not discredit each other on their respective websites during their campaigns.
  • Banners that are going to be placed, must not have a too much similar design from the ones that are already published. Copying banners, names, and slogans are not permitted.

TORCH Tor Search Engine

Torch Tor Search Engine: http://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion

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